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Judge's Comments

Any author/artist/vidder/musician who wants to see the comments from the judge(s) on their creations may do so. If you're interested, send an email to snowpuppies at livejournal dot com with the name of the category (i.e. Best Angst, Best Fan Cover), the title of the work, and the author name.

Please note that all comments are the judge's opinions and are not to be taken as an absolute measure of your work's worth. :)
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RESULTS: Fanfiction

It gives me great pleasure to announce the results of the first round of Horrible Awards. I'd like to thank those who volunteered - the judges, graphic artists and other helpers, those that nominated and those who voted. You all helped make Horrible Awards a success!

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One Week Left!

There's only one week left to get in your nominations for Round One, so if you have any more up your sleeves, now is the time to get 'em in!

I have outstanding (unaccepted) nominations from the following creators:

If you know anyone on this list and know how to contact them, please do so and make sure they're aware of their nominations - I'd hate for someone to miss out!
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Nominees have been updated.

The following categories have received ten nominations and are now closed for new nominees:
  • The Laundromat Award - Best Relationship-Centric

  • The Cheesy on the Outside Award - Best Fluff/Comedy

  • The Dr. Horrible's Turn Award - Best Future Fic

  • The I'm Better Than Neil Award - Best Cover of a Dr. Horrible Song

There are several with only one or two spots remaining, so if you've got a story, artwork or vid in mind, get your nomination in soon!