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Award Categories


  • The Make it Real Award - Best Characterization

  • The Laundromat Award - Best Relationship-Centric

  • The Four Sweater Vests Award - Best General

  • A romantic/sexual relationship is *not* the focus.
  • The Cheesy on the Outside Award - Best Fluff/Comedy

  • The Death Whinny Award - Best Angst/Dark

  • The Henchman's Award - Best Minor Character Fic

  • The Things Growing Award - Best Backstory

  • The Dr. Horrible's Turn Award - Best Future Fic

  • The Go to the Moon and Become Florists Award - Best Crossover

  • The Spork-in-the-Thigh Award - Best Short

  • Must be less than 500 words.
  • The Take it Slow Award -Best Chaptered

  • The Hammer Award - Best PWP

  • The Evil Laugh in Progress Award - Best WIP


  • The Smells Like Cumin Award - Best Billy or Dr. Horrible Still Icon

  • The Look at My Wrist Award - Best Still Icon

  • The Frozen Yogurt Award - Best Billy/Penny Still Icon

  • The Slipping Award - Best Animated Icon

  • The It's All About the Art Award - Best Art

  • Includes banners, wallpapers, and other non-icon-sized art, hand-drawn and photo manipulations.
  • The Freeze Ray Award - Best Fan Creation

  • This is for Real-Life items, including costumes, figurines, crafts, etc. The URL for this award should lead to a photo(s) of the creation.


  • The So They Say Award - Best Non-Musical ELE Vid

  • An ELE application video that has no musical numbers. A small amount of background music is permitted, but NO SINGING! (ELE vids chosen to be featured on the DVD are, unfortunately, not eligible.)
  • The Sing My Own Harmonies Award - Best Musical ELE Vid

  • An ELE application video, complete with musical numbers and SINGING (dancing, optional). (ELE vids chosen to be featured on the DVD are, unfortunately, not elligible.)
  • The Ten Dollar Solo Award - Best Original Music

  • This is for the best Horrible-themed Original Music and can come in the form of an ELE video or any other fan video/audio creation. No fan covers of Dr. Horrible songs allowed.
  • The I'm Better Than Neil Award - Best Cover of a Dr. Horrible Song

  • Video and audio recordings are allowed.
  • The Everyone's a Hero Award - Best Non-ELE Vid


  • The Ph.D in Horribleness Award - Best Author

  • The Every Color Award - Best Artist

  • The Caring Hands Award - Best Fandom Supporter

  • This award is for someone who's active in promoting the fandom or fanworks; someone who comments regularly, someone who is inspirational, a fantastic mod or someone else who enables the fandom to grow!
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