The Anti-OTP (snowpuppies) wrote in horrible_awards,
The Anti-OTP


Nominees have been updated.

The following categories have received ten nominations and are now closed for new nominees:
  • The Laundromat Award - Best Relationship-Centric

  • The Cheesy on the Outside Award - Best Fluff/Comedy

  • The Dr. Horrible's Turn Award - Best Future Fic

  • The I'm Better Than Neil Award - Best Cover of a Dr. Horrible Song

There are several with only one or two spots remaining, so if you've got a story, artwork or vid in mind, get your nomination in soon!

  • VOTE!

    Just a Reminder that Voting closes next Friday! We have a few ties, so we need some more input! SO VOTE NOW!

  • Update

    Two changes to the category listings: The Wonderflonium Award (Best Drama/Action) was removed for lack of nominees. The Best Still Icon category…

  • Update

    A few updates: Current Nominees have been updated. Some of the art and vid categories are filling up fast, so get your noms in quickly! We also…

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