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RESULTS: Fanfiction

It gives me great pleasure to announce the results of the first round of Horrible Awards. I'd like to thank those who volunteered - the judges, graphic artists and other helpers, those that nominated and those who voted. You all helped make Horrible Awards a success!


The Make it Real Award – Best Characterization

Winner: Just a Moment by threerings
THIS was a GREAT story.

Runner-Up: Brain Storm by neshel
I really wish you'd continue this because it is such an amazing plot line; he made the freeze ray how much harder could time travel be?

Billy's characterization seemed to fit and the voice inside his head - being not Penny's but of Billy's portrayal of Penny and of regret and guilt - was very well done as well. You even capture a bit of Hammer in Billy, in how he expressed his opinion of her dream of helping the homeless shelter as small thinking.

Runner-Up: Doctor Horrible's Debutant Ball by caffienekitty
Great story.

Not only have you given a character to Fake Thomas Jefferson, but you kept Billy numb to everything going on while allowing him to worry, primarily about how he has to stay alive for Penny's sake.

FTJ had a great discourse. And a good imagination.

Fan Fave: Doctor Horrible's Debutant Ball by caffienekitty

The Laundromat Award – Best Relationship-Centric

Winner: Scars by fifteenminutes
This fic is so good. The characters read spot on, and the angst is perfect.

There were no grammatical errors that I noticed. The characters seemed spot on (I can see Hammer's stumbling over "Billy"...I mean, "Doctor". I can feel his confusion and Billy's pain.), and the fic was very enjoyable.

Runner-Up: Just a Moment by threerings
I really, really liked this fic. You get bonus points for the Hamm-Car and the Electro-Claw and the S&M jet and the fact that I found this a very believable AU. The jerk back upon seeing Hammer instead of telling Billy he was coming and then using the actual dialogue but changing the tone by making it a Penny POV was brilliant. There were no glaring grammatical errors, and to be honest I don't even recall anything that read odd to me. Maybe one sentence somewhere. Bottom line? Well done.

I try to always give concrit in addition to praise, and the only thing I might say here is that Hammer seems maybe a bit off in the middle section, when he's talking to Penny. Then again, we don't really know him that well, so...who knows? But I thought the blog line was great, but the 'heroing' line was very Malcolm Reynolds. Anyway...maybe just a bit funny in places. But really, that's all I've got. This was a great story.

Runner-Up: Disharmonic Resonance by snowpuppies

Ok, I've never seen a single episode of BtVS, so I can't judge your portrayal of Harmony, but this fic was hysterical. I literally slapped my desk at the end and broke out laughing.

The banter was believable, as well. So much snark!

Honestly, I think this is a superb fic.

I don't recall seeing a single grammar issues (maybe that comma in last line of the first paragraph right before "himself" but I'm not sure), it flows well, and it seems realistic to me.

That said, I think it's more comedy than ship. It is ship, and it belongs here, but when compared to the more shippy ship, I don't think I can call it 'best ship'. I hope that makes sense. Anyway...

Since I'm so conflicted about best story in this category, I'm going to have to use that as its only downfall. But really...OMG. Greatness.

Fan Fave: Scars by fifteenminutes

Fan Fave: Frozen Yogurt by mmmfishfingers

The Four Sweater Vests Award – Best General

Winner: Declaration of Interdependence by ubiquirk
Highly amusing, eminently readable, and re-readable, fic with some wonderfully imaginative touches. The concept of an ELE backstory alone is worth reading for, and the execution more than lives up to expectation.

Huge fun with some interesting subtext and a killer ending!

Winner: Doctor Horrible's Debutant Ball by caffienekitty
This manages, brilliantly, the tough trick of being amusing, suspenseful and rather sinister, often simultaneously. The layering is very cleverly achieved largely through the reactions of the audience, particularly Moist, to the twists and turns of FTJ's speech.

The characterisation of Billy is particularly noteworthy.

Runner-Up: Horrible Haiku by snowpuppies
Beautifully done, very original piece which gets across in a (necessarily) limited number of precisely chosen syllables what some writers spend pages trying to achieve without succeeding half as well.

An experiment in a style rarely used in fanfic which worked remarkably well.

Fan Fave: Because Resurrection is Easier Than Finding a Date Through by gnomad

The Cheesy on the Outside Award – Best Fluff/Comedy

Winner: Dr. Horrible Goes Back in Time: Left Turn by lunabee34
Wow. Just wow. You wrote your own songs. And sung them. That, my friend, is hutzpah. Well done. Your lyrics were clever and your ingenuity at using the voice posts like you did was simply awesome.

You also did a good job with the characters. I think Billy would potentially try to go back in time and rework a future so that Penny was alive. And he would try to walk the straight and narrow in that future. And he wouldn't miss it...much.

Penny would fall for Billy in that circumstance, I think.

And, of course, Hammer would ruin it. hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

That's not the most original plot out there, but you did it extremely well! And the songs...well, once again, you are made of awesome. They made this whole fic feel like Dr Horrible, which is great! And then the twist with Penny. Greatness. I think Penny might have a bit of supervillainess in her, too-if the motivation is right.

I don't recall any grammatical issues, or tiny ones if present.

So, overall, great fic!

Runner-Up: The Price of Fame by blackletter
Points for "Moist the Moderator" and so much more!

I loved this fic! I literally laughed out loud.

I liked this fic because it was irreverent and funny and cute all at once, and it managed to make fun of us fans in the process, which is ALWAYS a plus.


I think you nailed the characters, the lighter side of villainy, and this fic perfectly. Well done!

Runner-Up: Shrink Rays by entangled_now
This was a wonderful fic! Sure, shrinkage has been done, but so what? You did it very well! And the characterization was great! You managed to get the smarmy asshole Captain Hammer down without completely dehumanizing him. And Billy was just right, too. I especially loved that Hammer wasn't a complete idiot in the end. The deal he cut with Billy was brilliant! Hammer isn't a genius, but he's not a box of rocks, either.

So, all in all, bang-up job!

Fan Fave: Dr. Horrible Goes Back in Time: Left Turn by lunabee34

Fan Fave: Shrink Rays by entangled_now

The Death Whinny Award – Best Angst/Dark

Winner: Scars by fifteenminutes
Aside from being really sexy, this gives a stunningly bittersweet look at the twisted Hammer/Horrible relationship. The tension and longing that run through this piece are utterly palatable, and the misunderstandings and insecurities they both display are wonderfully depicted. The dramatic irony of them both wanting more than sex but not being able to reach for it is quite sad, and it's added to with the way Hammer beats Horrible up during the day. The dialogue they share at the end is a little awkwardly phrased, but otherwise, this is a fabulous fic.

Runner-Up: Walking Alone at Midnight-Thirty by etothepii
Penny's shyness and insecurity is sad and adorable at the same time. Her misjudgment of Hammer and desperate attempt to pretend he isn't a big buffoon show that she isn't perfect, while revealing her kindness and optimism. The plot is realistic, and Hammer's dialogue and actions are humorous. The phrasing could have used a few less parentheses and repeated words, but mostly it was a wonderful read.

Runner-Up: My Many Faces Are The Same by entangled_now
The themes and ideas in this piece are so incredibly haunting and lovely. The stark separation between Billy and Dr. Horrible is both believable and horrifying, and the imagery describing Billy in the shock of grief is beautiful. There are a few minor issues with sentence flow, but overall, this is a wonderfully written portrayal of Billy's breakdown.

Fan Fave: Identity by idioticonion

The Henchman's Award – Best Minor Character Fic

Winner: Playing His Part by jackwabbit
Truly intriguing! The portrayal of Bad Horse was equal parts evil and witty!

Winner: Declaration of Interdependence by ubiquirk
I really enjoyed the characterizations of all of the ELE members. Fake Thomas Jefferson and Bad Horse were particularly noticeable, but also the tidbits about Dead Bowie. Humorous and entertaining!

Runner-Up: Static by soundingsea
I liked that you characterized Anna as a... nice groupie. She's genuinely interested in him, at least in the end. Good characterization!

Fan Fave: Know Thy Enemy by caffienekitty

The Things Growing Award – Best Backstory

Winner: Doctor Horrible and the Embiggening Ray by caffienekitty
Love how you explained where that giant chair came from, and Moist's characterization was really good here and quite funny. The discussion of what Billy's villain name could be got a little distracting though.

Runner-Up: Chemical Reaction by gildedmuse
I thought Billy's voice in this was hilarious and made the entire fic incredibly enjoyable. Plus, his voice felt really accurate. However, there were a few typos and a few awkward sentences that got in the way a few times.

Runner-Up: Smile for the Cameras by jackwabbit
It was really interesting to see Captain Hammer in a different light, and to see where he came from. It felt a little choppy though. While part of it did seem part of the tone, it was a little too much for me.

Fan Fave: Doctor Horrible and the Embiggening Ray by caffienekitty

The Dr. Horrible's Turn Award – Best Future Fic

Winner: Bright Reprise by indigoskynet
I love this story. And not just because it's a happy ending, but far more importantly because it's so true to form. Penny and Billy are almost perfect throughout, the link back to a classic origin story form is great, and you even put in the musical parts!

Just great.

Runner-Up: Die A Hero by idioticonion
I really enjoyed this story. A bit more proof-reading would not be amiss, but the actual content and style was fantastic. Really bittersweet, just like the series was. I was puzzling the whole time whether Penny might be some sort of clone or robot that DH created to take Penny's place. However she ended up where she was, he put the power back in her it.

Runner-Up: Echoes in a Lonely World by etothepii
Very good characterizations, nice twists. Overall a very good story!

Fan Fave: Die A Hero by idioticonion

The Go to the Moon and Become Florists Award – Best Crossover

Winner: Some Kind of Hero by rashaka
Utterly, completely and in all ways... awesome!

Runner-Up: In Memory of Penny Lesse by jedibuttercup
Wow - tying Penny into Angel like that was very, very clever and worked surprisingly well. Really original idea. Stunning!

Runner-Up: Converging by erimthar
Vi... hehe. Great idea to cross with Felicia's other Joss Whedon-role. Love it.

Fan Fave: Five Vampires Dr. Horrible Never Met by snowpuppies

The Spork-in-the-Thigh Award – Best Short

Winner: Actions Speak Louder Than Acting by jackwabbit
This piece really speaks to the characters of Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer. In short sentences, jackwabbit gets an emotional message across without overwhelming readers. Job well done!

Runner-Up:Envy's Not the Word by ubiquirk
This piece latches onto the hollowness of Dr. Horrible's victory. The characterization of Dr. Horrible and Moist flows well and the observations feel accurate. Chilling and well done.

Runner-Up: Hammer Time by infinimato
Infinimato hits the nail of comedy on the head with this one. And her characterization of Hammer felt dead on.

Fan Fave: Horrible Haiku by snowpuppies

The Take it Slow Award – Best Chaptered

Winner: Die A Hero by idioticonion
I only noticed a few small spelling errors, but over all, it was very clean. I liked the characterization of Penny and Dr. Horrible, and over all it was very very good. I'd read it again.

Fan Fave: Die A Hero by idioticonion

The Hammer Award – Best PWP

Winner: On the Practical Application of Rays by gixi
I really, really loved this fic. To call it Porn *without* Plot is an insult really! Great work. It definitely deserves to win this category.

Fan Fave: Laundry Night by damalur

The Evil Laugh in Progress Award – Best WIP

Winner: Billy Stinson by eccentrikpirate
I've never even watched "How I Met Your Mother" but this story is great! I think the two characters are quite effectively melded together (also liked the Dougie Howser shout out). The story was well written, creative and interesting. Great job.

Winner: Saving Expertise by minkhollow
I really enjoyed this story, the characters were drawn really well. Usually with stories that deviate too much from the original plot line the voice of the original character gets lost and that is pretty rare here. The cross over is also creative, and makes sense. Overall an excellent effort!

Runner-Up: Every Colour by radioactivepiss
An interesting idea to rewrite some key scenes. I can see a few different ways for the story to go from here that might be interesting.

Fan Fave: Scary Monsters by idioticonion

Fan Fave: Penny's Blog by jamie55

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