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The Smells Like Cumin Award – Best Billy or Dr. Horrible Still Icon

Winner: Everything You Ever (#27) by lucky_penny01
The transition between Billy and Dr. Horrible's head is seamless. It's like Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde

Winner: Sad Eyes (#36) by maharet83
The simple crop and use of black and white draw out the emotion in Dr. Horrible's eyes. Maharet83 shows you don't need to be complex to make people teary-eyed.

Runner-Up: The Evil Smirk of Evilness (#18) by totallybalanced
The cropping really makes this icon pop and highlights Dr. Horrible's smirk in the best way possible

Fan Fave: The Evil Smirk of Evilness (#18) by totallybalanced

The Look at My Wrist Award – Best Still Icon

Winner: So Much for My Happy Ending (#4) by snogged
Pretty original, and the colors definitely pull it together. The pose is great too. The head seems slightly blurred but it could just be the size.

Winner: Penny's smile (#13) by equanimousicons
Beautiful way that you've captured Penny's face.

Runner-Up: Slipping Away (#34) by maharet83
The text is a great touch and really wrenches the heart. Really, I don't see a workable way to improve it. Great job.

Fan Fave: Corporate Tool (#20) by switch842

Fan Fave: So Much for My Happy Ending (#4) by snogged

The Frozen Yogurt Award – Best Billy/Penny Still Icon

Winner: Billy Buddy (#36) by shiroandfubuki
If you look right, Penny's arm and Billy and Penny's knees form a sort of crude heart. Was that on purpose? It echoes the scribbled heart well. Unfortunately, most of the text besides "Everybod(y)" is unreadable, so the intent of it is unclear.

Runner-Up: Billy/Penny (#4) by novalee17
The colors match everything very well. Part of their heads are cut off at the top though, especially Penny's.

Runner-Up: I Cannot Believe (#35) by visualthinker11
The light added really emphasizes the characters and their expressions.

Fan Fave: Dancing Billy & Penny (#11) by darlaslilgirl

The Slipping Award – Best Animated Icon

Winner: Original Sarcasm (#5) by hobbitofkobol
By far one of the better animated icons I've seen. The overall coloring is fantastic; not only is blue the color of the "Dr. Horrible" project on the whole, it actually goes well with the lighting of the shot used. The text is nice -- it's sometimes very difficult to get good text that works with the piece overall, and this came out very well. The animation is a bit jumpy but overall smooth enough to be able to read what his lips are saying. That's very important. Job well done. Also, full marks for "original" -- simply because of the irony. Love it.

Runner-Up: Horrible Fingers (#39) by totallybalanced
The animation is smooth, and the transition from end-to-start is great. Overall, it's an A+ icon. My only concern is with the black around it -- it feels a little too bland, especially since the colors of the animation itself are so vibrant and exciting. I feel like the empty space around it could be made just as fun with some different colors or textures. And while not a totally original idea, haha, it is unique to itself. Great job.

Runner-Up: Beaten (#41) by oltha_heri
The animation, even though it is not constant, actually flows pretty well. I like that it plays like a slideshow of different poses of Hammer beating Horrible, haha. That's really kind of great. I like the coloring you used for the animation itself, rather than just leaving it "untampered with." It's also a brilliant little capsule for the Hammer/Horrible relationship for anyone who hasn't seen the movie. Nice work.

Fan Fave: Horrible Fingers (#39) by totallybalanced

The It's All About the Art Award – Best Art

Winner: Chemical Reactions by harbek
Beautiful! Tells a very good story, and makes me want to keep looking at it.

Winner: Darkness by irrel
Very interesting to look at.

Runner-Up: Dr. Horrible Wallpaper by Cheyenne Wright
Very cute and funny. Loved the crossed fingers.

Fan Fave: Dr. Horrible Wallpaper by Cheyenne Wright

The Freeze Ray Award – Best Fan Creation

Winner: Unofficial Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sheet Music and Audio Files by Moses Lei
This is a really impressive and original project! The audio clips are all recognizably the Dr. Horrible songs, and the creative instrumentation makes them very fun to listen to. From my basic grasp of reading music, the sheet music seems accurate and helpful. Not only is this enjoyable to look at and listen to, it allows other fans to exercise their creative urges by using your sheet music to make things of their own.

Runner-Up:Crocheted Dr. Horrible Doll by blueinsideout
This doll is incredibly adorable and really well-crafted! I'm especially impressed by the hair, the goggles, and the little embroidered caduceus. It's very Dr. Horriblesque.

Runner-Up:Dr. Horrible Charms by thelonebamf
These charms are so cute and, well, charming. I love Dr. Horrible's ray gun and gigantic goggles – the details on all of them are quite clever.

Fan Fave: Unofficial Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sheet Music and Audio Files by Moses Lei

Fan Fave: My Little Dr. Horrible/Captain Hammer Ponies by Gwendolyn

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