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RESULTS: Fanvids/Music


The So They Say Award – Best Non-Musical ELE Vid

Winner: Halitosis Hels & Commando Kaz by Hels & Kaz
This had me rolling laughing. The editing really emphasized the humor. The music made it even better. I'm a sucker for abrupt knock-outs and falls, and I really enjoyed them in your video. Good luck getting into the League! :D

Runner-Up: Pickle Jar by ColPickleJar
Really funny. Your deadpan, wry sense of humor was perfectly executed. My favorite part was the bit about sharks committing credit card fraud -- that's quoteable. It would have scored higher if the camera quality were a bit better. It was unfortunate that such a good idea, good acting, etc was stunted by a jumpy picture. But overall, enjoyable.

Runner-Up: The Grimmarian by Kendal Newman, Casey Minella and Perry Minella
This was great. I appreciated it a lot because I am an English major and a gramma nazi myself. I also found it highly amusing that the Grimmarian spoke in such perfect grammar when her purpose was to unravel grammar. And the Oxford Comma bit was hilarious -- humor that only appeals to us nerdy English types I guess, but I can definitely sympathize with the sentiment. The acting was good and the video quality was excellent.

Fan Fave: Baron Mind by Kyle Camping

The Sing My Own Harmonies Award – Best Musical ELE Vid

Winner: Fury of Solace by Emmett Furey
Very well done video. The filming is almost professional quality and the concept is interesting. It lacks quippy dialog, and that really is the only drawback. The singing is well done and meaningful to the story. Great work.

Winner: The Garnisher by Stephen Follows & Oscar Sharp
Wow, great piece! The idea was funny, the acting was excellent (a bit cheesy, bit I think that's a bit the point). The song was well done and added to the overall presentation. The set and props were well thought out and added to the humor. A couple of sloppy cuts in the final production, but overall a great video.

Runner-Up: Lady Laday by zoranface
Fun video, some really great moments and good editing and production. The song is well written and performed and there is a definite humor element to the video. The background vocals are at times a bit off but overall a great video.

Fan Fave: Fury of Solace by Emmett Furey

The Ten Dollar Solo Award – Best Original Music

Winner: Armaniac – tailor to the evil by niklasringdahl
Singing is good and songs are well produced. The harmonies are interesting and the songs show a variety of range. Very entertaining. Songs also add significantly to the video. Excellently done.

Runner-Up: The Garnisher by Stephen Follows & Oscar Sharp
Really a fun song, the humor is clever and witty. The singer is excellent and the background music sets a great flavor (ha) for the tune.

Runner-Up: Fury of Solace by Emmett Furey
Excellent song. The recording is great and the singing is well done. The counterpoint part of the song is particularly impressive (and a great Joss tribute). The only drawback is the lack of quippy humor. Overall a really remarkable song.

Fan Fave: Armaniac – tailor to the evil by niklasringdahl

The I'm Better Than Neil Award – Best Cover of a Dr. Horrible Song

Winner: Brand New Day – A Cappella by Voicl
Loved that he did all the vocals and background music himself.

Runner-Up: Variations on Bad Horse by Christian Cosas
Loved that you played your own piano. Great variations!

Runner-Up: My Eyes by Wilmar, Sarah, Justin, Christina, Eric and Priscilla
Was nice to see the whole thing acted out, as well as sung.

Fan Fave: My Eyes by Clay Robeson & Kim Butler

The Everyone's a Hero Award – Best Non-ELE Vid

Winner: Armaniac – tailor to the evil by niklasringdahl
A side-splitting, highly imaginative and stunningly original mini-musical with clever, guffaw-worthy lyrics and agreeably cheesy yet surprisingly effective acting. Well worth multiple viewings to catch the full flavour. The Dr Horrible look-alike does a great job of impersonating NPH and the enthusiasm of a group of very talented amateurs is infectious.

I loved every minute and highly recommend. Even the credits are of semi-professional quality.

Winner: Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office by WorldofHiglet
This is very difficult to judge in conventional vid terms because it's very nearly static apart from the moving hands, which almost become characters. There are no special effects or transitions but the script is absolutely hilarious, delivered in a Northern British accent which perfectly lends itself to the dry, snarky humour.

Despite the lack of action, the script delivers on every level and ensures that the audience becomes involved in the narrative and, crucially, is not patronised but invited into the world of the ELE Applications Processing Office.

Runner-Up: Womanizer by winterevanesce
Fast, snappy scene transitions which, however, never lose cohesion or sense. The concept of conveying Billy's view of Hammer through having him lip sync a woman's voice is both amusing and effective. Great end credits.

Fan Fave: Armaniac – tailor to the evil by niklasringdahl

Fan Fave: Horrible's Makin' Me Smile by eqchilipepper

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