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RESULTS: General/Judge's Choice
Dr. H: HOrrible Mod
snowpuppies wrote in horrible_awards


The Ph.D. In Horribleness Award – Best Author

Winner: caffienekitty

Runner-Up: fifteenminutes

Runner-Up: ubiquirk

Fan Fave: Niklas Ringdahl

Fan Fave: idioticonion

The Every Color Award – Best Artist

Winner: irrel

Runner-Up: Moses Lei

Fan Fave: Cheyenne Wright

The Caring Hands Award – Best Fandom Supporter

This was a special category, in that every nominee is a winner. I decided that if someone thinks you've done something special to promote/support the growth of Dr. Horrible fandom, you deserve an award, so everyone wins!

Tabz, Host and Producer of Joss'd and Host of Dr. Horrible Sing-a-Long at Dragon*Con

Dr Blog Bot, creator of Dr. Horrible Official Fansite

Beth Nelson, Chair of Austin Browncoats, a Joss Whedon based non-profit organization that sells items for charity (including Dr. Horrible Teas)

WorldofHiglet, producer of Evil League of Evil Applications Processing Office

snowpuppies, creator and mod of horrible_fic & horrible_awards

The One True b!X, creator of The Evil League of Evil Website


donteatacowman, moderator and creator of Dr. Horrible's Sing Along Forum

Judge's Choice

The Bash In Minds Award - Judge's Choice

Judge's Choice: Armaniac – tailor to the evil by niklasringdahl
This production is amazing. It's funny, clever, and includes not one, but 3 musical pieces. It's relevant to Dr. Horrible and is a fantastic effort. It's also so great that this was done just as its own thing, not as part of the ELE contest.

Judge's Choice: Yearning to be Learning How to Fly by etothepii
It turns Penny into something more than Laundry Girl, by fleshing out her character and giving her a real past. It fits completely with everything we know about her, and it's deliciously sad. We see Penny make stupid choices, but we feel for her because we understand why she made them. The writing is fabulous, and the ideas are just executed so fantastically.

Judge's Choice: Billy Stinson by eccentrikpirate
It has a unique premise that grips me and gets/got me really emotionally involved in the story. As I've said in my numerous reviews, it's one of my favorite fanfictions of those I've ever read -- every scene is exciting and suspenseful while advancing the story. I hope every writer shoots as high as Eccentrikpirate did in this, and manages to hit the target spot-on in the same way. It was a pleasure to read and I highly recommend it.

Judge's Choice: Doctor Horrible's Debutant Ball by caffienekitty
It's virtually impossible to pick just one story. There are so many amazing fics in these awards but this one just sticks in my mind. It's written with an incredible lightness of touch - managing to be both sweet and also funny and also dramatic - a tough call. Brilliant piece of writing.

Judge's Choice: The Price of Fame by blackletter
This fic truly made me laugh out loud. I got to judge fluff/comedy, which was great, but this piece made me laugh harder than any of the others. When I went back just now to review all my choices for this award (and I did read some fics I hadn't read previously, too), I looked this one up specifically. Yep, still funny.

Judge's Choice: Persiflage by fifteenminutes
It's a must-read for anyone with a soft spot for the depiction (reality) of awkward, imperfect sex and a love of clever, funny, love/hate banter. The bickery attempts of Doctor Horrible and Captain Hammer to consummate their attraction raises a belly laugh every time and makes the reader, rather oddly, cheer for them to succeed. Lovely work, and guaranteed to cheer up the most miserable day.

Judge's Choice: Slipping Away (#34) by maharet83
This is one of the most emotionally-charged icons I've ever seen, and it's so simple, and yet so well done. Most icon makers would have reversed the fade, and had the bottom part of Penny's body fading into black, but maharet83 goes for the sucker punch, instead. They say the eyes are the windows to the soul; in Dr. Horrible, Joss takes away Penny's soul, so maharet83 takes away Penny's eyes. The symbolism blows me away. Plus, it's all pretty. :)

Judge's Choice: Scars by fifteenminutes
Aside from yummy yummy sex, the imagery and emotions of the piece are crazy amazing. It gets awkward!Billy just exactly right, and it paints a picture of something that could totally happen in a beautiful way.

Judge's Choice: Fury of Solace by Emmett Furey
The production on this entry is fantastic, plus the story intriguing and the acting well done. This entry is a cut above the rest and deserves a special notice.

Judge's Choice: Declaration of Interdependence by ubiquirk
Hilarious, beautifully written fic with an original ELE backstory concept. Quite wonderful, and I'd advise anyone to read for the gorgeous writing alone, whether or not they're in the fandom. Simply lovely work.

Judge's Choice: Dr. Horrible's Animated Mood Theme by drscompanion2
Be honest. We all use it. I do, you do. This must have taken forever to do and some of the moods are very appropriate, others ironic and funny. It's just plain great!

Judge's Choice: Unofficial Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog Sheet Music and Audio Files by Moses Lei
To me, this work epitomizes what Dr. Horrible is about – the freedom to be found in creativity and passing on that baton of creativity to others. Not only has Moses Lei done a great job transcribing and notating the Dr. Horrible songs, but he's made this tool available to fandom at large so that others can use it to make their own Dr. Horrible music. So I give a 'Spirit of Dr. Horrible' seal of approval to this Horrible Idea!
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Hoorah! :D

Thanks and congrats to all winners!

Congrats, hon. It's well-deserved. :)

Congratulations, everyone!

And once again to whoever nominated little old wabbit for a fandom supporter award-thanks! How fun!

Oh, for some reason I didn't even know I was nominated for Best Author. That's a very pleasent surprise. :)

Congrats to everyone. ♥

Oh. My. God. I missed these earlier! I'm... wow. Speechless, and totally honoured! :-)

Congrats, honey!

Give yourself a cookie. ;)

Awwh thanks so much!!!


Wow, thanks! I am really proud, honoured and excited - my week just started with a booming feeling of greatness. Thank you all! And congrats to all of you who made it to the lists!

Thank you so much! And congrats to everyone who won :D

Yay! Congratulations to all the winners, and also a big shout-out to everyone who made the banners - they look fantabulous!

I am gobsmacked - gobsmacked, I tell you! Thanks so much again!

And a hearty congratulations to all the winners!

Awww, thank you so much judges. This means a lot, really! I'm so...flattered? Is that the right word? Thanks again, congrats to everybody, and this is the most awesome start to what will be a most excellent weekend! (My b-days tomorrow, huzzah!)

PS the banners are awesome!

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