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The Rules & Dates (Read these before nominating!)


Nominations: January 10 - February 15
Judging/Voting: February 20 - March 20
Winners Announced: March 30

The Rules:

  1. Self-nominations are accepted; however, it is preferred that for every time you nominate yourself, you nominate someone else as well. This is not a hard-and-fast rule, and I won't be checking, but the best part of an awards site is spreading the love around.

  2. Judges may be nominated, but they cannot judge in the category they are nominated for.

  3. A single story may be nominated in up to 3 categories.

  4. A single author/artist/vidder/creator may only be nominated once per category, but can be nominated up to eight times, total (General Categories not included).

  5. Please READ THE CATEGORY LISTING to make sure you're nominating in the right category. Nominations made in the wrong category will be discarded.

  6. Unfinished fics are only allowed in the WIP category.

  7. DO NOT nominate fics that are riddled with spelling, punctuation and grammar errors.

  8. All nominated works must have appropriate warnings.

  9. Nominations MUST be accepted by the author/artist/vidder/etc. in order to be eligible.

  10. Nomination forms that are not complete or do not have valid information (email**-see note below; URL; etc.) will be discarded.

  11. There must be three nominations in a category for it to go to judging/voting and no more than ten nominations will be accepted in a category.

  12. Nominations will be taken in the order of the author's/artist's/vidder's acceptance.

  13. Most categories will be cascading. This means that they are subject to splitting into two or more separate categories at the mod's discretion, if there are enough nominations.

  14. ELE videos that were featured in the Dr. Horrible DVD are not eligible for nomination.

  15. Awards will be given for Fan Favorites (decided by voting), as well as Judge Favorites (decided by judging).

  16. In the nomination form where it asks if you've read the rules, type in "crazy random happenstance".

Here are two hints for finding contact information when an email address isn't easy to find.

  1. On Livejournal, if a user does not have an email address listed, look up at the top of the profile for a star - it means they are a paid user. If they have a star, you can simply put for their email address. If they are a basic/plus member, click the Private Message link, then paste the URL of the following window into the email blank on the form.

  2. On Youtube, go to the vidder's profile. Under the 'profile image' (on the left) there's a little envelope that says 'send a message'. Click this and then copy and paste the URL of the following window into the email box on the nomination form.

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